Starter Pack for tyre pressure monitoring system

Operators of buses, coaches, trucks and industrial plant can benefit from Wheely-Safe’s advanced tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) at a special introductory price, with a new starter pack.

The technology is designed to combat the 87 per cent of commercial vehicle breakdowns which are tyre-related – costing businesses millions of pounds each year in downtime and reduced tyre life.

The Starter Pack costs £149.95 + VAT and is limited to one per fleet. It comprises 10 TPMS sensors, which replace the tyre valve caps and auto-pair with the solar-powered in-cab receiver and booster, which can be installed within minutes, according to Wheely-Safe.

The TPMS sensors alert the driver to a 15 per cent drop in pressure, or an increase in pressure of 30 per cent. There is an enhanced alert at 24 per cent drop in pressure, or in the event of fast leakage. The same sensors also monitor the temperature of the air inside each tyre, and warn the driver should this exceed 100ºC – often the sign of an impending blowout.

The Starter Packs also include a hand-held sensor reader, allowing the user to obtain accurate tyre pressure readings in a matter of seconds.

Based on Wheely-Safe’s modular approach, the system can be upgraded to incorporate its wheel security system, providing fleets with in-motion alerts to detect the onset of wheel loss before detachment. The wheel security sensors also monitor the temperature of the braking mechanism, with an in-built onboard heat sensor which sends alerts if a brake or hub issue is detected.