New 100-page product guide available from TDS

Transport Door Solutions (TDS) has released a new product guide, showcasing its range of bus door system components and service parts.

Since its inception in 2006, TDS has supplied more than a million components, primarily to UK customers as well as across the world. The new printed product guide has been produced during lockdown at the request of many customers, and is designed to make part identification easier in workshop environments and where internet access is difficult.

The 100-page high quality catalogue includes the most regularly used service parts on the most popular vehicles in UK fleets. In addition, the company can supply larger parts such as complete door leaves, mechanisms and shafts, should any be needed in the event of accident damage.

TDS can supply parts for Ventura doors as well as its own designs, in addition to the majority of older Peters and Deans door systems. Coach doors manufactured by the likes of BCE, Masats and Revar, among others, are also supported to an extent.

The guide’s colour-coded categories make it easy to find the parts required to complete a job and it uniquely references door manufacturer OE part numbers not just its own. If parts required are not shown, TDS can supply many more, just call 01787 473000. Ideally when making enquiries, customers are asked to provide the door’s serial number or the vehicle’s model name and age to help identification of the parts.

For more information and to request a copy of the catalogue, please email