NCT renews contract with Passenger

Nottingham City Transport has renewed its contract with Passenger, three years after first launching the app in 2016.

“Passenger, and our partnership with them, is very much an essential service to us” says Anthony Carver-Smith, NCT marketing manager. “Over 20 members of the team here at NCT use the Passenger system every day to communicate with customers via our mobile apps and websites, so we see the benefits of their products in so many of our daily tasks.

“In challenging times, when things change very quickly, whether it is because of severe weather or a public health emergency we know we can rely on Passenger. We are able to quickly and easily manage information and interact with our customers via their secure platform. The value of that is huge and we know is instrumental in keeping our services and users moving”.

NCT reports a dramatic change in the way that its customers interact with and pay for its services. “The way people interact with buses is changing – has changed – and Passenger’s role in that transition is undeniable,” adds Carver-Smith. “It speaks volumes that we’re willing to work with a company that’s hundreds of miles away from us to implement this technology. And that’s because, despite the distance, Passenger works fast, remains in constant communication and is simply the best multi-platform supplier working in the bus industry today.”