Mercedes-Benz delivers 147 city buses with Allison transmissions to Uruguay

CUTSCA (Compañía Uruguaya de Transporte Colectivo), one of the largest urban transport companies in Uruguay, is now operating 147 new Mercedes-Benz OH 1721 Euro 5 buses equipped with fully automatic Allison Torqmatic T 270R transmissions in the capital, Montevideo, and surrounding cities.

The delivery of the fleet earlier this year marked CUTSCA’s first acquisition of low-floor buses.

The Uruguayan company has worked with Allison transmissions since 2010 when it purchased its first rear-engined Mercedes-Benz OH 1518 XBC bus. The experience led to the purchase of a number of rear-engined OH 1622 L buses with air suspension.

“Torqmatic transmissions, such as the Allison T 270R, fitted to the OH 1721 Mercedes Benz buses exported to Uruguay, have been developed especially for the passenger transport application,” says Evaldo Oliveira, Allison Transmission director of sales for South America.

“The transmission’s internal architecture combines the performance of the torque converter with state-of-the-art adaptive controls, reducing wear and tear to the powertrain and providing faster acceleration and lower fuel consumption for the fleet. In addition, Allison automatics have a constant electronic monitoring system allowing customers to conveniently check the lubricant level, simplifying maintenance and avoiding unnecessary downtime.”