Lucketts develops new integrations with compliance software

Lucketts Travel, now owned by National Express, has been using TruTac compliance control software for more than ten years and recently, the TruLinks API suite has enabled the company to automatically integrate verified vehicle and driver tachograph data direct into other systems.

An example is vehicle distance data being used for planning maintenance schedules, fuel usage and vehicle utilisation. TruLinks allows Lucketts to access key data and removes the need for manual intervention or data duplication.

With 160 coaches operating throughout Europe on day-trips, holiday breaks and corporate services, Lucketts was presented with the challenge of keeping tabs on every journey distance and start/stop time – not only to monitor drivers’ working hours for payroll purposes but also to keep in line with EU drivers hours regulations.

“Like any operation of our size and type, there is a host of data to be gathered, analysed and acted upon,” says Lucketts’ Tony Lawman. “Using TruControl software, including the TruLinks module, this is all made possible. For example, we integrate all vehicle and driver information into our vehicle management system to monitor each driver’s hours and calculate their wages.”

In addition, for enhanced control over driver and vehicle activities and as part of the TruControl analysis and reporting system, an Unknown Drivers Report feature enables vehicle operators to set a distance and time, so they can see ‘unknown’ drivers who fall within those parameters.