INIT receives European patent for passenger guidance system

Following a patent in the USA in 2019, INIT’s system for passenger guidance has now also been granted a European patent. MOBILEguide provides information about the expected number of free seats on a rail car or bus. For rail applications, this allows passengers to position themselves before the vehicle arrives in those waiting areas of carriages where free seats are to be expected. The system is designed to make traveling safer and more comfortable, and also reduce waiting times at stations due to shorter boarding and alighting times. As a result, transport companies can achieve savings in the millions by using the existing rail infrastructure, according to INIT.

MOBILEguide on buses can provide information about the occupancy rate of individual trips or sections of trips which can help eliminate overcrowding, thereby contributing to a safer and more even passenger load. 

With avoiding overcrowded public transport a key priority during the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath, INIT’s system is even more relevant.

MOBILEguide can benefit bus services with information on occupancy rates of individual trips or sections of trips provided on passenger information displays at bus stops and via apps or on the Internet. 

Passengers can adjust their behaviour or journey accordingly and, if necessary, switch to a later bus or another route.