Following a testing pro

Following a testing programme conducted on its clothing range, Result is now rating garments for a 60-degree wash. The company says the move is in response to customer requests during the first Covid lockdown for a higher temperature wash.

Result has advised a  40-degree wash on the majority of its garments as standard: not just for fabric and colour stability but also to help the environment by reducing the need for heating water to a higher temperature. However, over the summer, it re-tested various clothing styles in-house at 60 degrees, monitoring for possible delamination, distortion, shrinkage and colour run. Those styles that passed the tests for a 60-degree wash, including the popular polo shirt, fleece and printable softshell, have now been recategorised on 

Whilst current stock of these styles may still have 40 degree wash label instructions, on-going production wash labels have been updated to show the new 60 degree wash status.

Result has also released a new 16-page recycled brochure featuring garments produced from recycled plastic materials, including 16 recycled jackets and five recycled beanie styles for 2021. Garments in the range are made from as close to 100 per cent recycled materials as possible and each hat in the range is made from 50 per cent recycled materials. Result says its Genuine Recycled products have already stopped the equivalent of 3.5 million 1-litre plastic bottles from landfill, and it hopes to double this figure every year.