Yutong electric coaches for Scotland on Dundee-Edinburgh route

Transport start-up Ember is launching two all-electric Yutong coaches for its first route between Dundee and Edinburgh. The plan has worked with Triodos Bank UK to secure a £490,000 loan as part of the government’s Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme. 

The route will be the UK’s first 100 per cent electric intercity coach service. The new coaches will make the 125-mile roundtrip between Dundee and Edinburgh on a single charge, according to Ember.

The 90-minute journey will allow residents and tourists to enjoy eco- and user-friendly intercity travel and bookings can be made online and travellers will be able to track the bus in real-time using an app.

Ember, which was incorporated in June 2019, aims to use this initial two-coach pilot to prove that the technology, operational capacity and demand for electric coach travel is viable.

Pierce Glennie, co-founder, Ember, says: “Being able to partner with Triodos Bank has given us the confidence to accelerate our plans to provide modern, fully-electric coach services. Building our technology from the ground up means we are optimising everything around a fully electric fleet, allowing us to offer lower prices and a better service, all with zero emissions.”