Yutong autonomous buses city-wide pilot in Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou City will put 200 autonomous vehicles into operation in 2021 backed by cooperation between Yutong Group and WeRide, the first autonomous specialist company in China.  

Initially, 10 autonomous buses and 10 autonomous cars will operate between the central business district, financial centre and Zhengzhou East Railway station. 

“We expect to operate 200 autonomous vehicles in the first half of 2021 to build the biggest and most advanced 5G autonomous drive pilot zone,” says Niu Ruihua, deputy secretary, CPC party committee and director of the management committee of ZhengDong New District.

Yutong’s autonomous mini Robobus has been updated to support 5G remote drive. Robobus can achieve level 4 autonomous driving functions including cruise, dynamic obstacle avoidance, autonomous overtaking and accurate parking, and can also park itself, auto recharge and drive remotely. 

The side walls are two thirds glass at front and rear, providing a panoramic view, and intelligent voice interaction and navigation systems in the bus enable users to communicate information and control common functions with the vehicle by voice.