Wrightbus says its hydrogen buses have saved one million kg of CO2 to date

As COP26 starts, Wrightbus claims that its hydrogen-powered buses have saved one million kg of CO2.

Wrightbus launched its first zero-emission bus – the Streetdeck Hydroliner – last year in Aberdeen, with the fleet entering passenger service in January 2021. The Hydroliner bus emits only water from its tailpipe, with no harmful emissions.  In addition to the Aberdeen fleet, the company’s zero emission hydrogen buses are currently in operation in London, Dublin and Belfast. A further 20 buses have been delivered to Birmingham, with other local authorities showing interest, according to Wrightbus.

Wrightbus has also launched its EV double-deck, Streetdeck Electroliner.

In the run-up to COP26, the first Streetdeck Hydroliner model undertook a nationwide tour from London to Scotland, in partnership with RYZE Hydrogen and INEOS. 

“Hitting such a landmark on the eve of COP26 is incredibly emotive,” says Wrightbus executive chairman Jo Bamford. 

 “When we set out on this journey our aim was to offer multiple zero-emission solutions, but to see this number on paper – one million kgs of CO2 saved – really puts our efforts into context.

“At Wrightbus we have been relentless in our commitment to zero emissions transport but even though these figures are impressive we cannot let up. As we showcase the Wrightbus Hydroliner, the world’s first hydrogen double-decker bus, to world leaders at COP26, we will continue to press the case for more support for zero emissions transport.”