Volvo to deliver the world’s northernmost electric buses

Volvo is set to deliver the northernmost electric buses with an order for the city of Bodö in the north of Norway for 31 electric buses, charging infrastructure and servicing. When the buses become operational in July 2021 they will be the first to enter operation north of the Arctic Circle. 

“This is the largest sustainability project for road transport in northern Norway, and it is of immense significance for both the region and for us,” says Anders Mjaaland, administrative director, Saltens Group, owner of Nordlandsbuss. 

Of the 31 electric buses that make up the order, 17 are 12m Volvo 7900 Electrics and the remaining 14 are Volvo 7900 Electric articulated buses which can carry up to 120 passengers. The charging infrastructure will be delivered by ABB. 

Volvo electric buses also operate in Drammen and Ålesund with the company having received orders in Norway for 63 electric buses in 2020.