Volvo Buses and VFS launch new flexible financing solutions

Volvo Buses, together with Volvo Financial Services, is providing new financial options designed to lower the barrier for restarting bus and coach operations in the wake of the pandemic.

The new Flexilease includes a variety of lease and rental solutions, combining lower initial investment, shorter commitment periods, buy-out options and possibilities to change over time. 

“The Covid-19 situation has struck hard on the bus and coach business, and from Volvo Buses and VFS side we are eager to do everything we can to stand by our customers so they will be able to recover their business as soon as possible,” says Niklas Orre, vice president, coach sales at Volvo Buses. 

“A new possibility is short-term rental. To rent a new, or used, bus or coach for as little as three months could be the way to seize a limited but important business opportunity. 

“If things go well, the rental can be extended to up to a year, still with a buy-out option. 

“The new financial offer is about reducing risk but also about swift and immediate response to upcoming business opportunities.” 

Another new offer is a season-sensitive lease with a flexible payment schedule adapted to passenger volumes. 

There are also leases with a pay-per-kilometre charge, which ensures flexibility in costs when demand is uncertain, and a cash flow-friendly delayed payment solution, where amortisations start after three months, and Volvo covers the three months interest. 

“In these uncertain times we must find new ways to support our customers. 

“I am convinced that smarter financing can be of help,” adds Orre. “From our perspective we see this as developing and increasing our business offer, adding more alternatives to choose from.”