Viriciti to monitor Rotterdam buses

RET (Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram), one of the largest local operators in the Netherlands, is now monitoring 198 buses and 45 chargers using ViriCiti’s telematics system. 

“There were still a lot of unknowns with managing electric buses,” says Eric Lensink, program and project manager, RET. “ViriCiti enables us to gather data for analysis to improve processes in the future. Real-time bus monitoring is another important feature for us.”

The Randstad, the densest urban region in the Netherlands, has relatively high levels of air pollution and RET recently introduced 55 electric buses and 103 hybrid vehicles in the region. 

The core of RET’s efficient management of its mixed fleet relies on a data-driven approach, according to Remco Sliedrecht, Chief functional management operations at RET: “Data is vital to us, to make sure the planning aligns well with operations”. 

The data-driven approach is showing results with an optimised charging infrastructure and planning enabling its electric buses to match the range of diesel at 400-500km/day.”