Ventac offers complete noise control solutions for electric buses and coaches

Ventac has recently invested in HEAD acoustics top of the range test equipment and sound analysis tools.  Ventac has for many years worked to be a one stop shop for acoustic solutions, and the vehicle noise team has worked with a diverse range of Bus and Coach OEM’s, to design and supply the best possible acoustic solutions to their global customers. 

The rise of electric buses and coaches across all markets means that the acoustic challenge is now about sound quality instead of overall levels. Sound quality metrics, if appropriately selected, can be used as a measure to objectively establish the comfort and refinement of a vehicle’s sound signature. Newly developed tonal metrics are especially relevant to electric buses and coaches where noise levels may not be excessive but may be particularly intrusive.  Noise measurements from electric buses and coaches are usually conducted under several experimental test conditions. 

Acoustic performance is evaluated through binaural playback of recordings in listening rooms or artificial simulators, vehicle demonstrators, as well as subjective assessments when driving on test tracks.

Headacoustics sound analysis tools 

Head acoustics’ tools allow for the precision and rapid sound quality analysis of complicated noise sources. The HEAD acoustics’ analysis tools are designed to objectively measure and present the different acoustics criteria as the human ear actually perceives the sound. Tonality for example is becoming one of the most important acoustic criteria in electric vehicles yet standard methods for assessing it are woefully limited. HEAD acoustics analysis allows for rapid measurement of this parameter even in dynamic conditions. The representation of these results are both objective and intuitive.

Reduced noise would appear to be a “win” for vehicle acousticians in electric bus original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Unfortunately, the new challenge emanating from lack of broadband masking and characteristic of electric vehicle architecture is the variety of new tonal noises.  A new challenge for acoustic engineers is that components of EV powertrain noise sources emit mid to high-frequency tonal noises, also referred to as whining noise. Passengers have become somewhat accustomed to the conventional broadband noise of ICE powertrains, whereas the whining noise of the EV powertrain is an unexpected intrusion for a vehicle widely marketed as “quiet” or “silent”.

Ventac innovation | Electric motor wrap 

• 10-15 dB achieved in Tonal Noise level 

• Audible improvement in Sound Quality

The Electric Motor Wrap is one of the solutions that is used in treating tonal noise from electric buses and coaches at source, and the problem is identified with head acoustics equipment.  The acoustics motor wrap addresses identified problems of tonal noise and quality.  The bespoke solution is designed by the Engineering team and validated in Ventac’s Acoustics and Innovation Laboratory.  Noise quality is significantly improved with the motor wrap with reductions of over 15 dB achieved on narrow band peaks following treatment of EV noise sources using Ventac’s motor wrap.

Acoustic testing capabilities 

Ventac’s on-site Innovation & Acoustic Laboratories located in our HQ in Ireland are used for acoustic materials development and vehicle noise testing.  

We use two acoustic cameras for our acoustic testing and analysis programs which provides quick and precise identification of the acoustic problem and solution. 

Ventac has additional European testing facilities located in Czech Republic for modal analysis, sound intensity, sound quality, sound treatment and development.  

Remote acoustic testing is also available with The Ventac noise consultation mobile app, which provides our global customers with responsive remote access to our team of experienced acoustic experts.  The app enables our customers to make good quality acoustic measurements of their vehicles using the accuracy of a Class II, externally connected microphone. The noise measurement is shared directly with the Ventac technical team for expert level analysis, and feedback to the customer on appropriate next steps. 

About Ventac 

As a complete noise control solutions international provider, Ventac provides Noise Analysis and Testing Programs, Component Design, Material Composites, Engineering and Manufacturing services for over 15 years.  We guarantee to make vehicles quieter, with our targeted noise reduction solutions, and very much results driven with a 100% success rate. 

HQ in Ireland with offices in the UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Turkey to provide customer and engineering support to our international customers.

If you would like to learn more about our Vehicle Noise Control Solutions please contact our R&D Director, Mark Simms on +353 (045) 851500 or email