VDL Bus & Coach to launch new generation of Citea in 2021

VDL Bus & Coach is planning to launch a new generation of electric Citeas next year with the buses due to be on display for the first time during Busworld next October in Brussels. 

“From the innovative vision for which VDL is known, a total concept has been developed,” says Henk Coppens CEO, VDL Bus & Coach. “In recent years, we have been working hard behind the scenes to create a future-ready public transport platform that integrates the latest technologies. Modularity enables our customers to respond optimally to the challenges of public transport and the changing nature of mobility systems.” 

Alex de Jong, business manager public transport, VDL Bus & Coach, adds: “Although the name Citea remains the same, the concept of the bus has been completely revamped and is based entirely on an electric driveline. The new generation of Citea, which will consist of four length variants.”

Among other improvements, VDL Bus & Coach is introducing a composite sidewall construction that is 15 per cent lighter than a conventional sidewall. The battery pack is integrated into the floor as standard, which VDL says ensures better weight distribution, greater stability and increases passenger capacity. It claims that the  choice of efficient components, lightweight construction, good insulation, aerodynamic design and optimum energy management reduce the vehicle’s energy consumption by up to as much as 30 per cent. 

The new generation of Citea is being built in the Netherlands and Belgium. Coppens says: “We are uncompromising in this too. The pursuit of sustainable mobility solutions is an important pillar of the climate strategy in many European countries. On the basis of our social commitment, we are sticking to our strategy of maintaining and strengthening the high-quality manufacturing industry in terms of knowledge, innovation and production in Western Europe. In the spirit of VDL Groep’s vision: the manufacturing industry has a future in Europe. Europe has a future in manufacturing.”