VDL Bus & Coach delivers 12 electric Citeas to German operators

Three German operators have ordered 12 Citeas SLF-120 Electric between them from VDL Bus & Coach which will be delivered from the end of 2021. VDL Bus & Coach will deliver nine Citeas to KVG Braunschweig, two to Verdener Verkehrsgesellschaft and one to Stadtbus Goslar. 

“The region-wide introduction of electric mobility is a major, forward-looking project for our regions of Verden, Goslar and Braunschweig,” says Axel Gierga, managing director, KVG Braunschweig, on behalf of the companies. 

“This can only be achieved with strong and experienced partners. That is why we’re looking forward to working with VDL Bus & Coach.

“With quiet, clean and emission-free buses in our fleet, we will contribute to achieving the targets of the European Clean Vehicle Directive and to improving the quality of life in our regions.” 

The 12 Citeas SLF-120 Electric have a CCS charging point and are mainly charged at the depot. The batteries have a capacity of 350kWh. 

Boris Höltermann, VDL Bus & Coach Deutschland, says: “More and more subsidies are becoming available, which has made the choice of purchasing zero emission buses easier. If transport companies cooperate in a targeted way, their ability to act will naturally be even greater and cities will be able to implement their desired greening programmes faster and more effectively. As a European frontrunner in electric public transport and a sustainable cooperation partner, we can strengthen these projects.” 

Since the first five VDL Citeas SLF-120 Electric were delivered to Münster in 2015, more than 100 vehicles in Germany have so far been delivered in fully electric mode.