Traffic reduction is crucial in tackling climate change, says Greener Transport Solutions

Greener Transport Solutions is calling for an urgent re-think on the UK’s transport decarbonisation strategy as it publishes a new report: Pathways to Net Zero: Building a framework for systemic change.

The report highlights the critical role of traffic reduction and concludes that technological solutions will be insufficient to hit net zero in the UK.

The report says that it is estimated that traffic must be reduced by around a quarter by 2030 to stay on track for net zero. It points out that the  mayor of London has pledged a 27 per cent reduction in car km by 2030 and the Scottish Government has pledged a 20 per cent reduction, and says that research for the Green Alliance shows that a reduction in car km of 20-27 per cent by 2030 will be needed.

Claire Haigh, founder & CEO of Greener Transport Solutions says:

“At a time of rising geopolitical uncertainty, insecurity of supplies, and escalating fuel and gas prices, it becomes more critical than ever to design policies in a way that avoids unintended consequences and ensures a fair and just transition to net zero.

“We need a massive shift to clean technologies, but we must also reduce energy demand. Energy demand reduction supports the three key goals of energy policy: security, affordability and sustainability. 

“Our climate is heating up at great speed. We have less than a decade to get on track. We cannot rely on technological solutions alone. Traffic reduction will also play a critical role.”