Thirty Irizar zero-emissions buses for Valladolid

AUVASA (Autobuses Urbanos de Valladolid) has signed a framework agreement with Irizar e-mobility for a total of 30 Irizar ie tram buses and charging infrastructure, with the first eleven units to be delivered in late 2022. 

“We’re extremely proud of the trust that AUVASA and the city of Valladolid has put in us to start the electric transformation of their fleet,” says Txema Otero, Irizar e-mobility commercial director for Spain and Portugal. 

“The low CO2 and noise emissions and the great passenger experience make the Irizar ie tram an especially suitable bus for using in urban centres.” The vehicles that Irizar e-mobility will provide will be powered by latest generation batteries with a capacity of 630kWh. They will have a double charging system, consisting of an inverted pantograph and smart plug-in charging in the garage, manufactured by Jema Energy, an Irizar Group company.

With the inverted pantograph charging system, communication between the bus and the charger is established when a bus arrives at the garage and the pantograph is automatically lowered. Irizar says the system is compatible with practically all electric buses on the market and it makes the daily vehicle charging process easier.