TfL increases services but urges use of buses and trains only if no other option

From Monday 18 May, Transport for London increased public transport service levels to make journeys as safe as possible for people who have no alternative other than to use public transport as national restrictions on movement are carefully and gradually lifted.

The advice from the government and the mayor is that Londoners should continue to work from home if they can do so.

People who cannot work from home are asked to walk or cycle if they can, using the existing and extensive new cycling lanes and widened pavements. Londoners are still being told to avoid public transport wherever possible.

For those who have no choice but to use public transport, TfL is asking them to wear face coverings and avoid the busiest times and locations. TfL says it is now operating 85 per cent of bus services as well as 75 per cent of Tube services and 95 per cent of trams services.

Bus passengers are asked to observe social distancing at stops and bus stations wherever possible, to board buses through the middle doors and to allow other passengers to get on and off while maintaining social distancing. Bus passengers are also asked to make use of all available space, including the upper deck. If buses are very busy, customers are asked to wait for the next bus.

TfL has deployed additional staff, including Compliance Policing and On-Street Officers, across the network and at bus stations to help with social distancing. Hundreds of officers from the British Transport Police are also out across the transport network keeping customers and staff safe.

TfL has been engaging with businesses across the capital to make sure their employees are encouraged to work from home where possible and to walk and cycle if they do have to come to the workplace. Businesses are also being asked to stagger start and finish times, so that employees can avoid the busiest times if possible.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan says: “I must urge all Londoners to only use public transport as a last resort and to walk or cycle for any essential journeys if you possibly can. You should continue to work from home if you are able to do so.”