Snam, Toyota and CaetanoBus work to promote hydrogen mobility

Snam, Toyota and CaetanoBus have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote and accelerate the introduction of hydrogen-based mobility. The partners believe that hydrogen may have a key role in the decarbonisation of transport.,

Alessio Torelli, Snam chief mobility officer says: ”This collaboration aims to boost the use of hydrogen as a key energy vector to enable widespread decarbonisation in the mobility sector. With this agreement, we aim to build an alliance between operators in the energy and transport sectors to offer end users competitive sustainable hydrogen mobility solutions “.

Luigi Ksawery Luca, CEO, Toyota Motor Italia, adds: “We are very pleased to join forces with Snam and CaetanoBus, with whom we share the commitment to a more sustainable future. The presence of an adequate hydrogen refuelling infrastructure is a necessary condition for developing its full potential for mobility. For this it will be essential that the main players in the production and distribution system work in synergy, and this agreement moves exactly in this direction”.

And Patrícia Vasconcelos, CEO, CaetanoBus, says: “Collaborations like this are very important to unite different companies, with different products, but with the same goals and vision for the future: decarbonisation and better lives for the people around the cities. This is another step into hydrogen society and to build an entire value chain.”

The partners will be looking at ‘end-to-end’ hydrogen mobility projects which can be implemented in Italy and in other European countries.