Romanian electric bus deal for Karsan

In a deal worth €35million, Karsan will deliver a total of 56 electric buses as part of a  tender for the ministry of regional development and public management in Romania. The order will see 44 buses go to Timişoara, and 12 to Braşov. Karsan will also install a total of 75 charging stations (including 19 quick-chargers) in the region, and will undertake all maintenance and garage operations of all vehicles for six years for a comprehensive fully electric public transportation system service.

The 56 units will be 18m buses and deliveries will commence in 2022.

Karsan CEO Okan Baş says: “The future of transportation lies in electric and driverless public transport vehicles. We have been continuously investing in this area. 

“Since 2018, we have been launching our fully electric models one after another. Atak Electric and Jest Electric continue to prevail in Europe as zero emission vehicles, and now with more than one million km of total coverage they’ve gained us an important experience. 

“Romania has been adapting to electrical transformation very quickly in terms of transportation. We are supporting this pace and Romania’s needs for efficient public transport vehicles with our high-tech electric products ranging from 6 to 18m.”