Revenue collection now back on all London buses following cab safety improvements

All London buses are now taking payments following the introduction of enhanced safety measures across the fleet to protect drivers and customers from coronavirus. Customers are now required to touch in with Oyster, contactless and concessionary cards on all buses, entering through the front doors on most buses in a near complete return to traditional front-door boarding arrangements.

The reintroduction of revenue collection and front-door boarding began in late May following analysis from University College London’s Centre for Transport Studies and Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering which backed the protective measures TfL had introduced, including sealing off gaps in the driver’s assault screen to reduce the risk to drivers of contracting coronavirus from customers.

The installation of additional safety measures across the bus fleet has allowed a full return to revenue collection and near complete return to front-door boarding.

A small number of buses – around 200 New Routemasters – continue to allow middle-door boarding only, and an additional 200 New Routemasters still permit boarding at the front, middle and rear. Work is underway to switch these to front-door boarding only.

“The safety of our staff has always been paramount,” says Claire Mann, TfL director of bus operations. “That’s why we commissioned expert research to ensure driver cabs are as safe as they can be before reinstating front-door boarding and accepting customer payments.”