Reading highlights climate change message with Warming Stripes

A Reading bio-methane powered single-deck bus has been re-liveried with the ‘warming stripes’ motif which is being used around the world to provide a way of visually communicating rising temperatures and the threat of global warming.

Reading Buses has been working closely with the University of Reading whose Professor Ed Hawkins, a world-leading climate scientist, created the ‘warming stripes’ motif.

Reading Buses CEO Robert Williams says the symbol would help to highlight the environmental benefits of travelling by bus: “We are delighted to partner with the University of Reading to help highlight climate change. By covering a bus powered by biomethane gas with the climate stripes we are able to offer an extremely low carbon reminder of the climate emergency.

“This is also a reminder to people that using public transport is one of the easiest ways that they can help to cut emissions. We have even worked with our suppliers to source a new recyclable vinyl to keep the carbon impact of this project as low as possible for as long as possible.”