Oxfordshire council and operators launch campaign to get people back on the bus

A campaign to encourage people to travel on buses in Oxfordshire, led by Oxfordshire County Council, has been unveiled to highlight the financial advantage of taking a bus over a private vehicle during the current cost of living challenge caused by rising inflation.

With the cost of fuel at record levels, commuters and leisure travellers can achieve significant savings by swapping using private vehicles for buses, where practical. Oxfordshire County Council is delivering the campaign in partnership with Oxford Bus Company, Thames Travel and Stagecoach. Sharing the experiences of bus users and how they have benefited from cost savings will form a key part of the multi-channel campaign.

A return journey between Witney and Oxford via Stagecoach S1 five days a week achieves an annual saving of up to £2,230.30, compared to using a private vehicle, while a return journey between Abingdon and John Radcliffe Hospital via Oxford Bus Company’s X3 service saves up to £2,318.23 per year.

 Bus passenger levels in the county are currently running at between 75 and 80 per cent of pre-COVID levels. Without improvements and action, including continued government financial support, it is believed that services may have to be reviewed later this year.

Andrew Gant, Oxfordshire County Council cabinet member for highways management, says: “We are committed to ensuring that the bus is a reliable, affordable alternative to the car. That’s more important now than ever as we face this cost of living crisis.

“This council is doing everything in our power to make buses a success. We’re working with the operators to improve punctuality and to make public transport the most attractive and affordable option for getting around the county.”