Norwegian cities invest in Volvo electric buses

Vy Buss Norge has placed an order with Volvo for electric buses for operation in Drammen and Ålesund, with delivery set for later this year. By summer 2021 Vy Buss will have 150 electric buses in operation. 

“Our partnership with Volvo Buses is strong, they build good-quality buses and their widespread network of dealers and workshops is very important to us,” says Ole Engebret Haugen, President of Vy Buss AS. 

Norway is among the world leaders when it comes to offering sustainable urban transport solutions. In Drammen, six Volvo 7900 Electrics began operating in February 2019. This autumn they will be joined by another 22 Volvo electric buses, of which two are high-capacity models that can carry up to 120 passengers. 

For Ålesund, Vy Buss has ordered ten Volvo 7900 Electric buses, part of a larger order totalling 66 Volvo buses. 

Over the past year Volvo has received total orders for more than 300 electric buses in Norway and Sweden, including the recent orders for Drammen and Ålesund.