New safer heat inductors aims to save time and cut costs

AES UK, the family-run garage equipment supplier has introduced a new range of portable heat inductors designed to speed up workshop procedures, cut costs and improve safety for the HGV, PSV and automotive sectors.

According to AES UK, the lightweight electrical heating inductors improve working conditions for workshop technicians since they will not be exposed to open flame, hot gases and the risk of fire or explosion when using a flame.

Costs of staff training and running costs are also claimed to be lower.

Go-Ahead London repair centre manager David Frost is seeing advantages with the new heat inductors: “It’s so much safer than using a flame to heat up anything on the vehicle. For example, we recently straightened a front-bearer by applying heat right next to the electric wiring and air pipes, without affecting them in anyway. The bearer was pulled straight and the job completed in minutes rather than hours.” 

The process involves heating an electrically conductive component (usually metal) by electromagnetic induction, where a high-frequency alternating current is passed through an induction coil to create a magnetic field into which the item to be heated is placed. Compared to flame heating, says AES, heat inductors are safer, easier to handle, more cost-effective and kinder to the environment.

AES UK will be exhibiting at the ITT Hub show in Farnborough, from 30 June to 1 July on stand E34.

AES has a dedicated website which includes an induction heater online store.