New Noise Consultation Mobile App launched by Ventac

Ventac has launched a Noise Consultation Mobile App for iPhone. The app named ‘Ventac’, will provide customers with responsive remote access to its team of experienced acoustic experts. Ventac says this will help its customers to maintain performance on their vehicle development projects.

The app will enable customers to make high quality acoustic measurements of their vehicles using the accuracy of a Class II, externally-connected microphone. The noise measurement will be shared directly with the Ventac technical team for expert level analysis, which will feed back to the customer on appropriate next steps.

“Ventac will make your vehicle the quietest it can be because of our unrivalled acoustic expertise and dedication to our customers’ needs,” says Darren Fortune, Ventac managing director.

The service can be used to deliver an early understanding of problem noises, to receive status reports on vehicle noise throughout the development cycle, and to help diagnose remote in-service field concerns.  

Ventac has been in business since 1972, working with international clients to provide high performance acoustic solutions across the vehicle and industrial noise control sectors. It offers a complete noise control solution from analysis to manufacture and supply, and solutions are co-engineered with clients to reduce noise across a large range of vehicle applications.

Ventac has more than 400 materials and components verified and tested within its innovation & acoustic laboratories and has worked on a diverse range of demanding vehicle applications. Its solutions have supported customers in addressing regulatory and industry changes, and increased their competitive drive and significantly increased vehicle comfort levels through the implementation of noise control solutions.

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