New measures to make West Yorkshire public transport network safer

West Yorkshire is implementing new measures to support the public transport network as more people start to travel. 

Planned changes to bus stations and interchanges include removing some seating to help accommodate passengers while maintaining social distancing, cleaning of contact points and additional signage asking people to ‘Stay Apart. Stay Safe. Save Lives’.

Passengers are being asked to consider whether their journey is necessary and consider the time of day they travel and those who do need to travel are being asked to pay by contactless and wear a face covering where possible, wash their hands before and after their journey and maintain social-distancing.

“We are working with our partner councils, operators and others to make sure the transport network is as safe and resilient as possible and we are asking people to help us by considering how and when they travel to ensure capacity is there for those who need it,” says Kim Groves, chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority transport committee. 

“There is no hiding the fact that as the number of people travelling increases in the coming days that will pose significant challenges to the transport network. 

“We know that for people in many of our communities public transport is the only way they can get to and from work.”