New Fog in Place system from Marcopolo Next

Marcopolo Next, a division of Marcopolo, in partnership with Aurratech, has launched a biosafety solution to make public transport safer against viral contamination. FIP Onboard will be part of the onboard biosafety services that will be offered by the manufacturer, following tests by Rio Grande do Sul operator, Viação Ouro e Prata. 

“FIP [Fog in Place] Onboard is non-toxic and can be applied quickly in the passenger area, driver’s cabin and even in the luggage compartment, covering 100 per cent of the surfaces,” says Petras Amaral, business head, Marcopolo Next. “The total application process takes less than 20 minutes and guarantees protection for up to three days. A fog is dissipated throughout the inside of the bus. In about 10 minutes, the product acts and disinfects, preventing the spread of viruses.”

Amaral points out that the fog acts without leaving the seats damp, avoiding passenger discomfort, and does not interfere with the operation of internal electronic equipment.

FIP Onboard is a patented process for disinfecting surfaces and environments, using nanoparticles of a biocidal solution. 

“The application developed along with Aurratech has a formula developed exclusively for buses, with the potential to redefine the biosafety protocols related to sanitation before each trip,” adds Amaral. 

The action of the sanitiser is immediate in the inactivation of bacteria and viruses, allowing the vehicle to be used by passengers a few minutes after its application.

FIP – Fog in Place is a biocidal solution using nano particles, instead of a liquid solution, thus leaving no moisture. It remains in suspension for a long period, providing greater contact time between the biocidal solution and surfaces, and an automated process minimises human contact, reducing the risk of errors and the need for rework.