New EV city bus from Quantron

E-mobility specialist Quantron AG is launching a 12m low-floor city bus which will be offered as a BEV variant from the end of 2021, and as an FCEV from spring 2022. And Quantron claims that the BEV bus will be a similar price range to conventional diesel buses.

The vehicle is being backed by Quantron investor and strategic partner Ev Dynamics, a European-Asian consortium of companies specialising in electric and hydrogen-based mobility. The batteries  and fuel cells for the new vehicle will be supplied by CATL and Ballard Power respectively.

The full electric bus has a maximum output of 250kW and 3,400Nm maximum torque with a range of up to 280km. The charging power is up to 80kW with a battery capacity of up to 422 kWh. 

The battery is charged via a European standard plug CCS 2 within three to six hours depending on the battery size. The bus has a capacity for up to 95 passengers.