New eGen Flex launched by Allison

Allison Transmission has launched a zero-emission vehicle-capable electric hybrid system, eGen Flex, as the initial product offering under its new Allison eGen brand.

The new eGen Flex provides bus fleets with full electric engine-off propulsion and accessory power operation capability – designed for zero-emission zones and depot operation, including when approaching, during, and leaving passenger stops for a quieter and healthier environment. The eGen product family will include Allison’s portfolio of electric hybrid and full electric products, including the company’s portfolio of electric axles.

The eGen Flex electric hybrid system includes a new drive unit, inverter and rechargeable energy storage system. 

The drive unit includes a disconnect clutch that enables engine-off capability. The inverter has an innovative package improvement that reduces its footprint and weight. 

The inverter is now water ethylene glycol cooled, which eliminates oil lines, decreasing installation complexity, reducing maintenance expense, and increasing uptime. The energy storage system incorporates lithium titanate technology, which Allison says significantly increases energy density, allows for faster charging and enables pure electric (engine off) extended range capability.

Allison will offer two models: eGen Flex which will be similar in feature set and capability to the Allison H 40/50 EP electric hybrid propulsion system but with the package enhancements; and eGen Flex Max will offer fully electric propulsion for up to 10 miles, dependent upon duty cycle and accessory load requirements.