NCT slims down its board in wake of Covid

Nottingham City Transport’s new managing director David Astill has announced key changes to the management team including a number of internal promotions and a slimmed-down board.

Engineering director Gary Mason will be retiring from NCT at the end of this calendar year and will be succeeded by Liam O’Brien, the current chief engineer who becomes head of engineering. Marketing director Nicola Tidy will also be stepping down from the board with Anthony Carver-Smith, current marketing manager becoming head of marketing.

Astill says that in view of the uncertainty over the future shape and size of the business in the post-Covid environment, the opportunity is being taken to operate with a slimmed-down board of just three executive directors. The executive board will comprise David Astill as managing director, Rob Hicklin as the long-standing finance director and deputy managing director, and Ben Potgieter, currently head of HR, as HR director.

“These alterations represent the biggest change in two decades to a very stable management team at NCT,” says Astill. “Whilst it is a big step, it is actually the culmination of an evolutionary process. I am particularly pleased that these three promotions demonstrate this company’s ethos of nurturing and developing its own staff as preparation for more senior roles. 

“We are entering a period of great uncertainty but also great opportunity as we drive our business through the recovery period from the pandemic. I am confident we have the mix of personalities and collective abilities to succeed as a team and business.”