McGills orders 41 more Yutong electric buses following ScotZEB funding

Pelican has confirmed that it has won one of the first bus orders resulting from the Scottish Government’s Zero Emission Bus Scheme from McGill’s. The order is for 41 vehicles, 10 E10 10.9m and 31 E12 12m.

The order follows the 55 vehicles delivered in August/September 2021 which were launched ahead of COP26 in Glasgow.

Ian Downie, head of Yutong Sales, says: “With this order, nearly 25% of the McGill’s fleet will be zero emission – the majority of them Yutong. The driving range of the vehicles has exceeded expectations, even with the full electric air-conditioning in operation during the winter months.

Ralph Roberts, CEO, McGill’s Group, adds: “Placing this repeat order with Pelican Yutong was a very easy decision. The first two deliveries of 55 zero emission Yutong buses were completed on time, on budget and completely without the normal teething issues we have come to expect with new buses nowadays. 

“The buses have delivered exceptionally reliable availability whilst delivering class leading levels of electricity consumption. Our customers are impressed by their high quality finish and that is good for business.”