Mass rapid transit plans for Hertfordshire

The proposed Hertfordshire-Essex Rapid Transit (HERT) is designed to provide a new sustainable transport link, connecting Hertfordshire to West Essex. It is being planned in response to the fact that over the next 15 years, the county is forecasting more than 100,000 new jobs and more than 100,000 new homes to meet local needs. As a result, there will be an increased demand on schools, health and social care and the already congested road and rail network. 

The HERT will comprise an east-west transport corridor which is seen as critical in supporting current and future travel across Hertfordshire and into Essex, since it already experiences significant traffic congestion and poor journey time reliability due to the reliance on cars. Last year, the county council declared a climate emergency, and the HERT aims to create a cleaner and more environmentally sustainable county by encouraging people out of their cars and on to a green, modern, affordable and reliable service.

The HERT will be a Mass Rapid Transit system – the first of its kind in Hertfordshire – and one of the key features of the project will be the development of transport hubs, connecting planned cycling and walking routes to the HERT network, creating a seamless integrated system, and helping to reduce congestion and pollution and improving the air quality for the residents of Hertfordshire.

“Sustainable travel is one of the most important aspects of our plans to create a greener Hertfordshire, and investment in this new transport initiative to connect West Hertfordshire to West Essex marks a clear step forward in achieving our ambitions,” says Richard Roberts, leader of Hertfordshire county council and chair of the Hertfordshire Growth Board. “The new public transport system will provide a fast, reliable and convenient way to travel across the county, and support our ambitions to enable all residents to live healthy, fulfilling lives in thriving, prosperous communities.”