Lack of technology certainty remains as significant barrier to zero emission coaches, says CPT taskforce 

CPT’s Zero Emission Coach Taskforce has set out the challenges for coach operators in identifying workable and realistic options in its first report since being established six months ago. The report claims there is a lack of certainty over whether electric, hydrogen or a combination of both will be the most appropriate technology. 

CPT’s taskforce says that the few electric coaches that are currently available on the market do not deliver the required range that would give operators the confidence to continue operating the range of services they currently provide, suggesting that a range of more than 250 miles would be required for electric coaches to give the majority of operators confidence to invest.

The report also considers hydrogen vehicles which may be able to provide a greater range, but notes that green hydrogen, which would be essential for it to meet the claim of being zero emission, would mean higher fuel costs.

Ian Luckett, chair of the Zero Emission Coach Taskforce, says: “These past six months have been a truly fascinating time, and I have learnt a great deal, not only about the challenges facing the coach sector, but also those in the manufacturing, finance and infrastructure worlds.  

“I am very much looking forward to the next phase of the taskforce when we will begin to identify potential solutions and collaborations with the other sectors to join them on this journey to net zero.”