Karsan starts work on autonomous Atak Electric

Turkish manufacturer Karsan is starting the first phase of its work to bring Level-4 Autonomous driving in its Atak Electric. CEO Okan Baş says: “Our agility in rapidly adapting the technologies that seem far away, is one of our strongest competencies. We started work to ensure that Atak Electric enjoys Level-4 Autonomous driving skills, in other words, features an automatic driving system, which will handle all the requirements for a dynamic driving experience without the help of a driver. 

“We expect to complete the prototype for Autonomous Atak Electric this August, and its simulation and validation tests will be carried out in our factory in Hasanağa, Bursa. That said, we will make Autonomous Atak Electric ready by the end of this year.”

The project will be carried out by Karsan’s R&D team in collaboration with Adastec, which has experience in autonomous vehicles, and expects to complete the first prototype for the Autonomous Atak Electric vehicle in August. 

“At Karsan, we continue to work towards shaping the transportation of the future,” adds Baş. “We pay a particular attention to electric and autonomous vehicles. This segment also represents our brand vision. We are happy to have taken the very first step for the autonomous vehicles, on which we have been working for some time now to be able to complete works in 2020, while at the same time continuing to export Jest Electric and Atak Electric to the four across the world.”