Karsan Atak Electric tested on 600km route in Spain

Turkish manufacturer Karsan participated in a testing event in Spain with its 8m Atak Electric bus. The EV took part in a pilot test drive and roadshow event on a specially-created 600km route between Barcelona and Madrid. 

The event was organised in collaboration between electric mobility charging solutions provider Circontrol and Karsan’s Spanish dealer e-busKar S.L. The Atak Electric completed the drive in 14 hours with three recharge stops using Raption 50 fast-charging devices, manufactured  by Circontrol. 

With a range of 300km and a passenger capacity of 52, Karsan’s Atak Electric has a 230kWh motor and 2.500Nm torque with five 44kWh batteries developed by BMW. 

The vehicle’s batteries can be charged in five hours with AC charging, and in three hours with fast-charging units. A regenerative braking system also recycles power which enables the batteries to self-recharge up to 25 per cent, according to Karsan. The model comes with two seating layout options, 18+4 or 21+4 foldable for a capacity of 52 passengers. 

Celebrating its 55th anniversary this year, Karsan has been engaged in commercial vehicle production since 1981, and its factory in Hasanağa in Bursa has the capacity to manufacture up to 19,870 vehicles a year on a single shift.