Iveco E-WAY begins operating in Maribor in Slovenia 

Iveco Bus has delivered two 12m E-WAY vehicles to Marprom to operate in Maribor, Slovenia. Emission-free and silent, the E-WAY will contribute to the development of a clean city while improving drivers’, passengers’, and citizens’ lives, according to Iveco. They will operate between new electric charging stations in Maribor city on the busiest bus line Nr6. 

The E-WAY model comes in a range of lengths (9.5, 10.7, 12 and 18m) and charging modes (slow night-charging, or fast-charging by pantograph). 

The OppCharge standard-compliant E-WAY chosen by Marprom features a 140kW electric traction motor and five Lithium Titanate Oxide 73kWh batteries. During the day, the buses will be fast-charged in a few minutes via a pantograph at charging points on the bus route. 

“We are proud to support Maribor city in the implementation of its full electric mobility project with our fast-charging E-WAY model which combines the highest performance achievements with the highest environmental requirements,” says Stéphane Espinasse, head of sales & products, Iveco Bus.