Italian tour for H2.City Gold in collaboration with Arriva Italia

The Caetano H2.City Gold is carrying out demonstrations with Arriva Italia. The 12m bus is equipped with a Toyota fuel cell and offers a range over 400km. The trial is designed to test the practical operation of the hydrogen technology and obtain data on daily driving conditions with varying weather, usage, and traffic environments. 

Nuno Lago de Carvalho, chief commercial officer, CaetanoBus, says: “It is a very important step and opportunity for us to show and raise awareness for H2 mobility in Italy, where our electric hydrogen-powered buses can play an important role in the decarbonisation of public transportation. Italy is a key market for us and it is good to be aligned with the operators in the fight against climate change and help people moving in a greener way.”

Angelo Costa, CEO, Arriva Italia, adds: “The transition from carbon dioxide forms of power supply to green traction sources has now become fundamental. The planned replacement of 330 vehicles by 2026,  45 per cent with alternative propulsion, will make it possible to save up to 5,400 tons of CO2/year, once fully operational.”