Irizar manufactures its first LNG coach

Irizar has produced its first LNG i4 coach with a range of more than 1,000km as an addition to the range of technologies it currently offers. The first LNG vehicle is a class II i4 that is designed for cities, commuter lines, school or company transport. 

It has two cylindrical cryogenic (-162º C) tanks placed longitudinally on both sides of the coach’s central baggage area. They have a gas capacity of 704 litres and they weigh 830kg when full. 

In addition to a range of up to 1,000 km, Irizar claims that the environmental benefits provided by this technology reduce CO2 emissions by 25 per cent, NOx emissions by 85 per cent and particle pollution by 96 per cent.

The LNG range of vehicles from Irizar includes the i4, i6S and i6 coaches. And the Irizar i4 will also be available with the new Scania NBG 9I Euro6E 340hp chassis. In 2022 that technology will be extended to the Irizar i6 and i6S models for medium and long distance suburban routes with a new generation 410hp 131 NBG chassis in lengths from 12 to 15 metres.   

In comparison with CNG, LNG takes up less space and has an energy density 1.4 greater while the complete system weighs less.