Irizar innovations combat coronavirus

Irizar Group has launched two new products to address Covid-related safety issues with a system to allow operators to screen passengers automatically prior to boarding, and to disinfect vehicle interiors between shifts. 

 A smart camera system that can be mounted in the vehicle entrance screens passengers for abnormally high temperature, and ensures that they are wearing a face-mask if required. The camera can detect temperatures of above 37 degrees, and uses smart technology to detect the presence of a mask. People without masks, or who are running a fever, can be prevented from boarding the vehicle. No personal data is recorded, and the system does not breach privacy laws, according to Irizar. 

Vehicle interiors can be disinfected rapidly and safely between shifts with a permanently-installed outlet on the vehicle connected to an external nebuliser device that fills the vehicle interior with a disinfectant fog. The operative does not need to enter the vehicle at any time during this process, which is fully automated. Dosing the vehicle takes between 15 and 30 minutes, and it can be used again in three or four hours. 

These latest innovations follow earlier systems from Irizar in response to the coronavirus crisis. Irizar Group has already developed an approved interior separation and screening system for its i4, i6, i6S and i8 coaches, which isolate and protect passengers and drivers from the circulation of airborne viruses, and offers the Eco3 ionizer, which can be fitted to any coach equipped with air-conditioning. This releases negative ions and ozone into the interior airflow of the coach, causing virus-bearing particles to fall out of suspension, and attacking the viruses themselves. Eco3 also reduces odours, and the levels of microbes, spores and allergens, in the coach interior.