Irizar e-mobility shows flagship ie tram at European Mobility Expo

Irizar e-mobility displayed its flagship 12 m Irizar ie tram at European Mobility Expo in Paris this month. The vehicle is owned by Orleans Métropole which signed a contract with Irizar e-mobility in April 2020 for the supply of 29 zero-emission Irizar ie tram buses. 

This agreement was part of Orleans Métropole’s strategy for the energy conversion of its bus fleet to a fully electric public transport system. 

The show vehicle has 22 passenger seats plus two areas for wheelchairs/pushchairs and can carry up to 80 passengers. It is equipped with Irizar 355kWh batteries, charged by slow charging in depots. 

These buses have been operating on the streets of Orleans since 2022.

In 2016, Irizar e-mobility commissioned the first 100 per cent electric route in Marseilles, involving six Irizar electric buses, and this city has now come back to Irizar a second time for the renewal of its bus fleet. Three years later Amiens saw the largest electric BRT fleet with ultra-fast interoperable charging in Europe. That same year, Irizar put two more BRT projects into operation in Aix-en-Provence and Bayonne. 

In addition to the orders from Strasbourg and Orleans, Irizar also signed a framework agreement in July 2021 with RATP (La Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens) for the supply of zero-emission electric buses, one of the largest electric bus contracts in Europe.