Indcar/Iveco gas minibuses for Mallorca

Majorca is backing the use of CNG for interurban public passenger transport, and Indcar has been chosen by Grupo Ruíz (one of three companies involved in interurban transport on the island) to supply nine gas-powered minibuses. 

Indcar argues that compressed gas contributes to improving air quality in cities and reducing noise levels.

The public tender was awarded by the local transport authority CTM (Mallorca Transport Consortium).

The latest contract is part of the island’s commitment to renovating its entire fleet involving 223 new vehicles, of which 216 will run on alternative fuels to diesel: 198 with compressed gas and 18 with electric propulsion.

The order will involve are nine Mobi City CNG minibuses, built on an Iveco Daily 70c14 CNG chassis. Indcar says that its patented gas cylinders allow a capacity of up to 510l, compared to the 246l offered by the standard Iveco solution: providing twice the range with the same passenger capacity.

The minibuses, which will to be delivered from this month, have a capacity for 31 passengers with 22 seats.