Hitachi to support Arrival EV products

Hitachi Europe and newly-formed EV producer Arrival have partnered to deliver new bus and infrastructure solutions to the European bus industry.

The non-exclusive partnership aims to combine Hitachi’s digital and operational capabilities to offer integrated end-to-end solutions that incorporate all aspects of owning and operating Arrival vehicles, including charging infrastructure and digital tools. 

“We’re delighted to join forces with Arrival as we become the partner of choice for municipalities and bus operators to deliver end to end and integrated estate wide rollouts of electric vehicles and infrastructure,” says Mike Nugent, head of EV, Hitachi Europe. “As governments look to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles in the next decade, providing the wide range of necessary solutions and technologies in an integrated, streamlined and operationally-manageable way will be vital for bus operators and municipalities across Europe.” 

Hamish Phillips, UK head of sales, Arrival, adds: “Arrival’s vehicles already provide a much lower total cost of ownership for customers, and when incorporated into Hitachi’s business model we can see an even more compelling business case for companies to transition their fleets to electric more rapidly.”