GZM Metropolis to take 32 Solaris electric buses

GZM Metropolis, representing municipalities in Silesia, Poland, has signed a contract for the delivery of 32 Solaris electric buses along with charging infrastructure—11 pantograph chargers and 16 plug-in chargers.

GZM Metropolis will take 27 Urbino 12 electric and 5 articulated Urbino 18 electric vehicles in 2023. The manufacturer is carrying out a full turnkey e-mobility solution comprising design work, securing a permit for land development, project supervision on behalf of the investor and setting up the necessary charging infrastructure.

The vehicles to be delivered to GZM Metropolis will be powered by Solaris High Energy batteries with a total capacity of 250kWh in the Urbino 12 electric buses and of 400kWh in the Urbino 18s. They will be recharged both by means of a pantograph and plug-in technology. The drive in both vehicle types will consist of traction motors integrated with a drive axle.

The Urbino 12s have capacity for 80 people and the Urbino 18 electric buses can take 115 passengers.

Almost 1,200 Solaris e-vehicles have already been delivered to various European cities, including Berlin, Barcelona, Warsaw, Poznań, and Bolzano, Italy.