FPT Industrial and Microvast roll out battery solutions for Crossway

Microvast will provide the battery system for the new Iveco Crossway low entry city and intercity bus. The contract is based on the 2019 agreement on industrial and commercial cooperation between Microvast and FPT Industrial. Microvast has designed a high energy density battery pack that ranges from 400 to 466kWh for the Crossway.

The Crossway LE Electric project complements that of the new IVECO e-Daily, which will be launched at the end of 2022. The new electric Daily will be equipped with a modular battery concept with one to three batteries ranging from 37 to 111kWh, furthering the cooperation between Microvast and FPT Industrial.

“In this fast-evolving sector, FPT Industrial is committed to entering into targeted partnerships to deliver advanced alternatives to traditional fuels, so as to accelerate our journey towards a sustainable CO2-neutral tomorrow,” says Sylvain Blaise, president, powertrain business unit, Iveco Group. “This collaboration with Microvast underlines our commitment to become a multi-power technological leader and provides us with competitive advantages in the market.”

Initially, Microvast will deliver battery cells and modules from its production plants across the world based on FPT Industrial’s requirements. Subsequently, FPT Industrial will assemble the battery packs in its factory in Turin. The Crossway LE Electric will be available for tenders in 2022, with potential first deliveries starting from mid-2023.