FPT hydrogen and biogas partnership

FPT Industrial and IVECO, both part of CNH Industrial, are partnering with Snam, leading energy infrastructure operator, in a new memorandum of understanding for technological and commercial cooperation by developing biomethane, natural gas and hydrogen vehicles. 

The agreement calls for a collaboration between the three partners to promote bioCNG, bioLNG and hydrogen. 

The partners says the aim is to develop integrated sustainable mobility to promote further use of alternative drive vehicles, with a shared strategy of collaborative development of vehicles and distribution network. 

“We have always been pioneers in the field of alternative engines and we have 20 years’ experience developing natural gas technology,” says Pierpaolo Biffali, vice president product engineering, FPT Industrial. “We are a market leader, having sold more than 50,000 methane and biomethane engines and boast the most powerful, 100 per cent natural gas engine for industrial vehicles, the Cursor 13 with 460hp. 

“Already, our biomethane-powered engines can reduce CO2 emissions close to zero, supporting the challenge against climate change. We believe that hydrogen is key in the medium and long term, particularly for the long-distance transport sector.”