Enviro400ER achieves Ultra Low Emission Bus certification

Alexander Dennis’ Enviro400ER double-deck has now been fully certified as an Ultra Low Emission Bus by the UK’s Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership. The ADL Enviro400ER is an electric range hybrid capable of running in zero-emission mode for up to three miles. Developed in partnership with BAE Systems, it uses an electric driveline, powered by a 32kWh battery and charged by an on- board generator. 

The Enviro400ER delivers zero emissions without requiring external charging infrastructure, although it can be charged through a plug-in connection. 

The Enviro400ER has now been fully accredited as an Ultra Low Emission Bus, meeting the requirement of saving 31 per cent of well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions over the UK Bus Cycle compared to a Euro VI diesel bus of equivalent passenger capacity. 

Ken Scott, ADL engineering director, says: “The Enviro400ER’s certification as Ultra Low Emission Bus confirms our position as the UK’s leading supplier of green buses. Capable of zero-emission operation, the Enviro400ER delivers immediate carbon savings and air quality benefits that can be further enhanced by the stepwise introduction of charging infrastructure.” 

ADL launched the Enviro400ER in 2019 when Go-Ahead Group’s Brighton & Hove introduced 30 buses to cut emissions in Brighton’s Ultra Low Emission Zone. The plug-in version has also been chosen by the Republic of Ireland’s National Transport Authority in a framework deal for up to 600 Enviro400ER, the first 100 of which will be delivered later this year.