Electric bus boosts SEC drive for accessibility

An EP14 electric bus from ePowerTrucks has been introduced at the Scottish Events Campus. The 14-seater bus is equipped with a ramp for wheelchair accessibility, and has a 40-mile range which is enough for a full shift at the SEC.

 “We operate a shuttle service between the three venues on our campus, using two old style golf buggies,” says Robin Cassidy, SEC customer experience coordinator. “However, it wasn’t cost-effective, wasn’t always pleasant in inclement weather and one of the buggies was becoming less reliable.

“We wanted to invest in a vehicle with more passenger carrying capabilities and which was enclosed, and this one suited our needs perfectly and within budget. Our new service has dramatically improved our shuttle service between venues. As an electric vehicle it is quiet, provides a smooth ride and has zero exhaust emissions.”

The 5m-long EP14 bus is designed for large sites such as theme parks, resorts, industrial facilities, stadia, rail stations, caravan parks and airports. It has a maximum range of 40 miles and can handle gradients of up to 20 per cent.