Ebusco to locate French headquarters and production facility at Renault Cléon site

Ebusco is to lease a new 21,000 sq m facility at the Renault Cléon site at Metropole Rouen to set up its French headquarters and production facility. The move is aimed to facilitate its future growth ambitions in France and south west Europe.

The Clean site is being transformed as part of a move towards 100 per cent electric vehicles and Ebusco will contribute through its experience of the electrification of public transport and the integration of lightweight materials in its bus design.

The new Ebusco factory is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2023 and will have an initial capacity of 500 buses per year with the option to expand capacity in later years. The initial investment to equip the facility and convert it to Ebusco standards is expected to be €10million.

Ebusco CEO Peter Bijvelds says: “After the establishment of a development team in France two years ago, the installation of a second production site in Europe, as well as a new headquarters for our French subsidiary, is an important step for Ebusco in its development in France and Southern Europe.

“France represents the largest bus fleet in Europe and is therefore a strategic market for the development of Ebusco. With this new local production facility we aim to enhance our service to our existing French clients and gain further traction with new French mobility authorities.”

Thomas Denis, CEO of the Renault Cléon plant, adds: “The challenges linked to job creation, attractiveness, and low-carbon mobility in the Rouen-Normandy metropolitan area naturally led us to agree to host Ebusco on our grounds. This expansion project in France of Ebusco is a great opportunity to promote Normandy, the know-how around the electrical industry and boost the local industrial fabric”.